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The Groom’s Responsibilities

Groom's wedding planning duties have evolved from what we traditionally remember them to be.

Groom’s wedding planning duties have evolved from what we traditionally remember them to be.

By Marie O’Mara,

Find the perfect engagement ring. Check.
Propose. Check.
Pick groomsmen. Check.
Purchase wedding rings.  Check.
Pick out tux and buy groomsman gifts. Check.
Plan Rehearsal Dinner. Check.
Plan & book the Honeymoon. Check.


Traditionally the groom’s responsibility includes a short and easy list that covers the basics, and for the groom, that is where the “wedding planning” responsibilities once ended!  However, as many of you are already finding out, that isn’t the end. We have listed a few things to consider and keep in mind to make your PRE-WEDDING life go a bit easier. This list may not apply to everyone, but should keep any groom out of the doghouse and more importantly, keep your fiance thrilled for even offering!

From here on out in the wedding planning process you should know that:

1)  You are happy to be involved in the planning & choosing of vendors.

2)  You are expected to go with your fiance to register, and yes this is a big deal.

3)  You need to make sure someone is planning her bridal shower.  DO NOT ASSUME. (You don’t need to be involved, but keep an open ear to make sure someone has taken the lead and planning is underway.)

4)  You are expected to get the names & addresses of the guests on your list. (Facebook, email & phone numbers do not count.)

5)  YOUR mother is not in charge of planning the wedding!

6)  You’re already thinking of what songs will make a great first dance.

7)  You’re not inviting your ex girlfriend to the wedding, and it is not appropriate to even ask. (Ok, Mr. Geller?)

8)  You want to be involved, or at least offer, to stuff the invitation envelopes!

9)  You have researched plenty of honeymoon locations and have done all the homework before picking the place!

10)  You understand how stressed your fiancé is with planning the wedding. She won’t appreciate being nicknamed Bridezilla. It’s funny, but it’s also hurtful.

11)  Sex on the wedding night is most likely not going to happen, and that this isn’t a “preview” to your sex life for the rest of your life.

Which areas of wedding planning should the groom offer the most help? Tell us in the comment section below.

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    As far as the honeymoon goes, if you and your bride have your dream wedding in Oahu Hawaii, there is no need to plan a honeymoon. After her dream wedding, you are already in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, so that is one thing you have already checked off of your list. Plus, your bride is over the moon that she had her dream wedding and you are already in Oahu!

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