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‘The Proposal’ Blu-ray Disc Contest Winners

Yesterday, we concluded our ‘The Proposal’ Blu-ray Disc contest. We had some great entries and it was definitely a challenge selecting our favorite three. We asked future and past grooms to tell us how their proposal didn’t go 100% as planned. It didn’t have to be an all out marriage proposal fail, but we wanted to hear how at least one aspect of the proposal didn’t go according to plan.

'The Proposal' now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

‘The Proposal’ now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

So without further ado, the winners and their proposal gone wrong stories are:

Tony Voss

So I had planned an awesome scavenger hunt for my girlfriend on campus where we met, and at the end would be the proposal. I brought her a dress to change into, polish for her nails, heels, the works. She would get changed and then begin her adventure. I had written notes to direct her around to different locations where we used to hang out, and the final spot would be where we met. This would serve as the perfect proposal location where I would surprise her with a final note and the ring. I had borrowed a friend’s video camera and my plan was to try and capture video of her stopping by all the locations and then of course the proposal at the end. My sister and her boyfriend were helping me out with decorations but mainly with keeping an eye on my girlfriend so I didn’t get spotted.

Well, all good plans have a way of coming unraveled. First off, she didn’t put the dress on because she was wearing a sports bra. Didn’t think of that one. So instead of the allotted 20 minutes or so to change and potentially paint her nails, she was off and running (not literally) to the first stop. In the meantime, I am outside of the building waiting for her to come out of one of two exits. Of course she heads towards the rear exit and I am not even keeping an eye on that one. My sister and her boyfriend had been texting me updates on her location but I hadn’t heard from them in a few minutes. Then I happened to glance to the far right of the building to see my sister waving at me. My phone rings and it’s her boyfriend trying to tell me something, when all of a sudden I hear a familiar voice behind me say “Get off your phone”. It’s my girlfriend. Busted! I couldn’t believe that she had avoided being seen and snuck up behind me. Plus, while she was in the building she spotted not one but both of my accomplices. Unbelievable.

So I did what any smart guy would do and told her to give me a few minutes. haha. So she went and waited while I put the finishing decorations on the final spot and then came back so I could get back to business. In the end she loved the whole setup and now we have a great story to tell everyone! Not a huge disaster, but definitely a memorable one.

Matt Bernier

When I proposed to Melissa I had everything planned out perfectly. We headed up to the Alpen Glow restaurant at the top of Keystone ski resort, on the way my buddy Jaymee called to say that our planned double date couldn’t happen because he was sick. This was planned of course. I looked at Mel and she said she still wanted to go to dinner.

What I didn’t realize about the restaurant was that we had to walk across loose powder snow to get between the lifts and Melissa had open toed shoes on! She was freezing.

We got through dinner, even though the whole time I was extremely nervous and barely ate. The chef brought out dessert which had a ring pop on it. I got down on one knee and proposed.

Then the fun happened.

It was snowing HARD the whole time we were at dinner, so Melissa had to walk back through all the snow to each lift. Then we had to beg one of the Keystone security guys to give us a lift to our car because there were 6″ of snow on the ground at the bottom.

We got back to the lodge, called some friends, and then I started puking. I threw up all night long and could barely move in the morning. Nothing would stay down including water, Advil, nothing. Melissa nursed me to the point where I could get to the car, but it was rough.

It turned out to be nerves and altitude sickness, but that magical night of “after proposal” awesomeness didn’t happen because i was too busy with my head surrounded by porcelain.

Justin Young

I proposed to Tiffany on Christmas day. I slipped her ring into a bag of fake coal. She opened her gift and was not amused to see a lump of coal. I smiled and told her to shake the bag harder. She cried when she saw the ring fall out.

I tried to get on my knees and propose, but she kept crying. I wasn’t able to formally propose until a few days later. (She spent Christmas day showing off her “bling” to her friends and relatives.)

We’ve been married for over a month. Life is good.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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