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The Man Shower: It’s Not What It Sounds Like

A Man Shower you say? Yeah!!! The bride gets to have a shower, sometimes more than one actually. So why has the groom been left out of this? Sure we need a better name for it, but we can work on that. The bride gets her friends together, they have little sandwiches, drink tea and she gets gifts. (In my mind anyway) So pick a day, get your boys together and let’s get this Man Shower started.

A rare photo of the very first man shower dating back to 1864

A Great Space And Keep The Appies Coming

So you need a cool venue space, I suggest a great basement at your house or a friends place. If you can get a space with a rec room that is great, fooseball, a pool table and some sort of big ass TV with a gaming system would be perfect! Now we have that sorted lets talk food. We love stuff we can eat with our fingers, or as Homer Simpson once commented…”Anything you can stick a tooth pick into”. Wings, mini pizzas, mini tacos, meatballs and the like work great, I like to make my own wing sauce, so maybe have a few of your friends make their own sauces, you get plain wings, breaded and not. You’ll need a deep fryer. Fry up the wings and toss them in the different sauces, you could even offer a prize for the sauce your guys like the most. This gives the guys an incentive to really pull out the stops. You can even have them write out their sauce recipes and hand them out at the party.

She Got Gifts, I Want Some Too

My wife came back from her shower with gifts. Stuff for the kitchen, serving platters and what not. I got SQUAT! For the Man Shower you should get man gifts. Gadgets, power tools, stuff you don’t need but is really cool. You can register for these things at The Man Registry OR you can have the guy organizing the Man Shower provide guests with a list of cool man gifts you may need. So remember to coordinate with him on how best to get you some kick ass man gifts. I found a great site and they have some amazing gadgets.

Register for your Man Shower gifts at The Man Registry

Register for your Man Shower gifts at The Man Registry

Liquor??? I Hardly Know Her!

Yeah, I know…bad joke. But seriously, you can’t get your boys together and not offer a few drinks. Beers from around the world is a good theme. Each guy brings a 6 or 12 and you just toss ‘em all into the ice tub and grab what ya like. Oh yeah, if possible get a big old steel tub to hold your beers, it’s manly. You could also get a world map, each guy gets a set of colored pins, after you consume a beer, you find the country on the map and claim it with your pin. There is no single winner in this game, because EVERYBODY wins!!! You can also do a Scotch tasting bar, a Tequila bar, a Wine bar or Martinis from your favorite Bond movie. I know, he drinks only 2 versions but hey, get creative.

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

Make sure all your guests have a way home or you have enough space for everyone to sleep where they fall. Do not let your guests drink and drive, not cool and certainly not worth it. So the ideas given above were for a specific Man Shower, you can class it up if you like. There are no real rules other than these. The Man Shower takes place on a different day and is not in any way associated with your stag. This is a stand alone event to get you more stuff and hang out with your guys. Brides get additional showers and even a lot of the stuff you register for will be used by her and her alone. Grooms tend to get left out of a lot of stuff, and I say it’s time to step up and take back the party.

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