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OneWed’s Local Flavor: Make Your Invitations Inviting

One of the most frequently asked questions is why you aren’t supposed to put your wedding registry info on your invitation. After all, pretty much everyone invited to your wedding is going to buy you a present, and everyone knows that couples create wedding registries.

We're pretty sure you're getting wedding gifts even if you don't include your registry info on the invitation

We’re pretty sure you’re getting wedding gifts even if you don’t include your registry info on the invitation

Here’s the short answer: Your invitation should be just that, an invitation. It should let people know that you want them at your wedding, and where that wedding is. Presumably, you want them at the wedding whether they buy you a gift or not. That’s why you put your registry info elsewhere. That’s one of the great things about wedding websites, and mothers who like to talk, both spread the word.

So, now you know, invites are supposed to be inviting.

In addition to serving as OneWed’s VP of Marketing, Jennifer Napier is a guest contributor to the GroomsAdvice blog offering a little local flavor for the grooms. You can connect with Jennifer on Google+ and Twitter.

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