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Unique Thank You Card Ideas for Grooms

Grooms will love these thank you cards

Grooms will love these thank you cards

You probably already know that you’re going to need to write at least half the thank you notes for wedding gifts, right? For those, you and your gal probably picked out stationary that matches your invitations.

But, you’ll have other thank you notes to write as well- for bachelor party or man shower gifts. You may also want to write thank you notes to your best man, groomsmen, and any other guys that went above and beyond to get you through the planning stages.  Not saying it needs to be anything sweet or sappy, just a little note to say “Hey man, thanks.” Having some great note cards that aren’t too girly will help you keep your manhood intact.

These cards from Jenneration Fix are fun, retro, and best of all, manly! They’re made from old album and book covers, and if you have a type of music or group you’re really into, the designer is up for special orders, just contact him through the site.

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