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Honeymoon Activities: How to Make a “Me” List a “We” List

The “honeymoon phase.” It often refers to couples in the early stages that are always eager to please one another, embracing of each other’s flaws, go into withdrawal if apart too long, and haven’t yet realized that pet names like Princess Buttercup should be used sparingly in public.

But that doesn’t mean the actual honeymoon should be all about submitting to the whims of one partner. A celebration of who you are as a team means engaging in activities that enthuse both of you and allow you to value each other’s company—not secretly hoping she gets pinched by a lobster if she makes you sit motionless on the beach one more day.

If your no-no list—whether it exists in your head or you’ve carved it into your hotel wall—contains any of these items, there are ways to compromise.

If lounging on the beach gets old, check out some other popular honeymoon activities below:

If lounging on the beach gets old, check out some other popular honeymoon activities below:

Shopping: It may be challenging to take a trip without stepping into at least one store, but that doesn’t mean you should have to stand around picking the lint off your shirt for hours while she pieces together the perfect dinner outfit. You can:
1)    Aim for a couple stores that are eccentric or tied to the culture of your destination, so that it can be part of a shared positive experience.
2)    Make it sexy. Think choosing lingerie together or visiting a shop with candles and massage oils.
3)    Agree to split up for a bit and do your own thing, as long as you don’t venture too far apart or get too carried away and forget the purpose of your trip.

Sunbathing: Regardless of whether you’re a fan of that big ball of fire in the sky, too much lying around on the beach not only dries you your skin, but your opportunities for real adventures. Compromising may involve putting a time limit on how many hours per day is spent staring at waves, or maybe agreeing to only devote 1-2 days sitting by the shore. In addition, if you get bored easily at the beach, don’t feel bad about bringing an entertainment kit.

Dancing: Whether you’re rhythm-challenged or just plain self-conscious on the dance floor, her enthusiasm over the salsa dancing poster may leave you shriveling with dread. If it’s in a restaurant atmosphere, maybe agree to go somewhere to have drinks and dinner while you’re entertained by the dancing of others. Or consider going to just one class together: that way you’re being kindly instructed on where to put your hands and feet, rather than being thrown helplessly into a sea of trained dancers who you fear are laughing and pointing every time you turn your back.

Spas: While the idea of massages and treatments may sound like a fine indulgence to some, you may be terrified by the idea of a stranger’s hands caressing your muscles. Or perhaps a sauna sounds more like a torture chamber than a good time. Before blowing off the idea, you may want to check out the options at the particular spa to see if there’s anything non-intimidating, such as a man’s grooming station or a whirlpool or soaking pool. If you’d still rather stay clear, she may want to get pampered while you investigate your hotel’s fitness center, enjoy a couple cocktails, or catch up on some reading.


Kelly Robinson writes from Distinctive Honeymoons, where she enjoys providing resources for couples to experience bliss together all around the world. Distinctive Honeymoons, a division of Protravel International, provides services for honeymoons, destination weddings, and honeymoon gift registry.

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