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5 Different Wedding Dress Codes Explained

Chances are if you’re getting married, your buds are, too. If you’re heading off to a lot of weddings this summer, and want to avoid the “are you really wearing that?” look from your fiancée, here’s a quick rundown on dress code terms and what they mean.

Looking good my friend, looking good.

Looking good my friend, looking good.

White Tie: This means your friends are either royalty, or snooty.

Black tie or Black tie optional: If you’ve got a tux, get it cleaned (this is key as most guys I’ve encountered just stuff the tux in the closet after events). If your tuxless, any dark suit will do.

Formal: You could bring out the tux, or if you’d rather, a dark suit is fine.

Creative Black Tie:
Hell if I know. The good news is, if you’re confused, so is everyone else. If it’s part of your heritage, this is a good place to throw in a little of your own local flavor…cowboy boots with a tux, a kente cloth vest, quilt and commando, etc.

Festive Attire, Festive Casual, Dressy Casual
: This means they want you to look nice, but don’t want you to show up in a tux or dressed for work.

If all else fails, just wear what your fiancée tells you to. Even if she isn’t right, you’ll score points for following directions.

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