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Ways to Save Money Buying the Engagement or Wedding Ring shares their top 10 tips on saving some money while shopping ethically for your engagement ring or wedding band.

Conflict free diamonds at

Conflict free diamonds at

It’s tough times out there, but you don’t need to sacrifice your ethics in order to save on your engagement and wedding rings. Here are some tips from our jewelry specialists on how to save a bit of green when shopping green.

1. Opt for one special ring in place of both an engagement ring and wedding band. Look for rings with ornate patterns, unique details, conflict free diamond accents, or a more substantial width to serve as your all-in-one symbol of love and commitment.

2. Instead of giving an engagement ring with a larger center stone, give her multiple bands – each with its own meaning – that she can stack. One for the engagement, one for the wedding, another to symbolize your families coming together….The possibilities are endless!

3. Purchase your wedding bands before purchasing the engagement ring. This way you will both have a ring to wear as a symbol of your love for one another. You will have plenty of time together to design that perfect conflict free diamond ring down the road.

4. While platinum is a beautiful choice, you may want to consider the less expensive 18K while gold option, or even alternative precious metals, such as palladium. Palladium is a naturally white precious metal from the platinum family, but costs less than both platinum and gold. All of Brilliant Earth’s rings are also available in recycled palladium- contact us for more information.

5. Select classic, recycled metal wedding bands. They are simple, understated and elegant, and are reminiscent of many of our parents’ traditions. They are also a beautiful, classic accompaniment to any diamond engagement ring.

Brilliant Earth gives 5% of profits to support African communities

Brilliant Earth donates 5% of profits to the support of African communities

6. Select an ethical origin sapphire center gem for your engagement ring, which is more affordable than most diamond options. Precious sapphires have been revered all over the world for centuries. They are very durable, and are therefore an excellent choice for engagement and wedding rings. Deep-blue sapphires are most well-known, but they also come in many other colors, including pink, orange, green, yellow and purple.

7. Select recycled metal rings that gleam with light-catching details, such as milgrain and engraving. These brilliant features will make your ring sparkle without the additional cost of diamond accents.

8. Take advantage of upgrade policies! You’ll want to start your life together in a strong financial position, so be realistic about what you can truly afford. Down the road you will be able to upgrade to a larger conflict free diamond – which will be an especially romantic gesture of your growing love.

9. Recycle your gold and platinum jewelry that you no longer wear for a credit towards any Brilliant Earth purchase. By selecting jewelry made of recycled metals, you will help to decrease the global demand for newly mined metals. Contact a Brilliant Earth customer service representative if you are interested in sending us your jewelry for recycled metal credit.

10. Shop online! You won’t be paying the retail store overhead for bright lights and glass display cases. Brilliant Earth will even ship your rings to you with free fully insured next day shipping.

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