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Gretchen, from is here with the SAS (short and sweet) tip of the week for the grooms out there.

Amidst the wedding planning, you may have forgotten to set aside some time to prepare a toast to your groom’s toast to the bride.



Don’t fret, “The Complete Book of Wedding Toasts” by John William McClusky is a great resource for you to use.  Here are a few toasts from the book that I thought were short and sweet:

“Because I love you, I want to walk with you for the rest of my life, hand in hand, through the years to come.  here’s to our future.”

“Here’s to the love of my life, the light of my eyes, the darling of my heart.  In this day of days, I honor you.”

“You make me so much happier than I thought I could ever be.”  I want the joy that we feel right now to last forever.  Here’s to you, my sweet.”

If you have stage fright, just turn to look directly at your bride.  Try to picture just the two of you there and simply say what you feel in your heart.  I know…a bit cheesy…but so worth it!


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