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4 Honeymoon Surprises to Plan for Your Bride

If your fiancee had a hand in planning the honeymoon, get sneaky and set-up a surprise for her anyway!  Contact the hotel or resort to prepare a romantic gesture for your new wife!

Here are some examples of things you can do to steal her heart even more:

Champagne & chocolates by sunset: This would be even MORE romantic if you took a boat ride out and watched the sunset from there enjoying your sweets!

Tickets to a show: Get tickets to the hottest show in town and when she asks about going, tell her they’re sold out…but surprisingly have them delivered to your room.

Hire a local photographer: Do some research and hook up with a local photographer to meet you for an hour to take pictures of the two of you strolling the local scene.

Massages: At the end of a fun filled tourist attraction day, hire a masseuse to come to the room and give the both of you massages

However you choose to spice up the honeymoon with a thoughtful gesture or two…being together and enjoying the new journey into married life is the best gift of all!

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