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Give Your Groomsmen the Gift of DAS BOOT!

Here at GroomsAdvice, we firmly believe that you can never have too much beer. If your groomsmen also subscribe to this belief, we’ve got the perfect groomsman gift for them… DAS BOOT

2 Liter Beer Boot

2 Liter Beer Boot – Das Boot!

Inspired by Beerfest, these glass beer boots are designed for serious drinkers only. The key to drinking from a beer boot is to point the toe sideways. While you’re drinking from the boot, an air bubble will form near the toe. To avoid spilling beer all over yourself, this air bubble must be handled with utmost caution. As the air bubble approaches the toe, slowly turn the boot so the toe points horizontally either way. This should keep you dry and keep the beer where it needs to be – in your mouth!

Sound like a challenge? Grab a few for your groomsmen and see for yourself.. We offer the traditional 2-liter glass beer boot, seen above, as well  as 1/2 and 1 liter sizes.

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