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Drinking Game Ideas for Your Bachelor Party

We go way back with Big Rob from @drinkinggames. We’ve convinced him to share some of his legendary drinking game advice with the grooms out there who want a memorable bachelor party. So without further ado…

This looks familiar..

This looks familiar..

So you’re celebrating the last moments of your freedom, you and your boys are up for a night on the town.   If the best man does it right, he’ll get the gang primed and ready to go even before you hit the bars or bus.  Asking from experience, who’s got the funds to hit the bar in high gear sober?

Pregame It:

Get your buzz going early with an hour of power, it’s one of the best ways to start off the night.  Unless you’re drinking alone or at a family reunion, then it’s just sad. Throw in some shoulders or thumper, because nothing beats seeing your friends make a fool of themselves.

If the bachelor pre-party starts to accumulate more people – bust out a cup, quarter, and ice tray and play some Moose. (Editor’s note – this is one of our favorite games for after hours at TMR) It’s the quintessential stand around the table and makes-your-friends drink game.  It’s ridiculously addictive and so easy to play even your future brother-in-law’s friend that is in his seventh semester of community college can follow along. All you need to play is an ice tray and a large bowl. It’s best if everyone playing is drinking something different.  Set up the pieces as shown below and have everyone pour a bit of their drink into the bowl. Take turns trying to bounce the quarter from the table into the ice tray. If the quarter lands in the right column of the ice tray, you give out drinks. If it lands in the left column.. you drink. If someone is unlucky enough to bounce the quarter into the bowl – everyone must yell “MOOSE!.” The last one to do so has to drink the bowl…and it’s mixed contents.

moose drinking game

Ice tray and bowl. It doesn’t get any easier.


By the time you hit up the bar you should be feeling like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven; a confident cougar magnet hanging with your mob of friends.  Keep the dreamin’ alive by playing some more bar appropriate games avoiding the dice, quarters, and cards.  Make use of the sports playing on the TVs around the bar to aid in your intoxication and invent drinking rules for certain sports.  Use your friends as a source of your drinking pleasure by singling them out by their catch phrase or every time the text someone.  Involve the whole crew by making each other only refer to people by nicknames.

Hey look at me - it's my bachelor party!

Hey look at me – it’s my bachelor party!

As always tip your bartenders, and be aware of your surroundings; I’m sure you don’t want the bridegroom in a fight with a 300 pound biker named Curly.

The Aftermath:

Grab some Waffle House, regale each other on the night’s events, and make drunken promises to do it again.

For daily tweets on new drinking games and reminders of old favorites, follow @drinkinggames on Twitter. If you’re not using Twitter – start! And while you’re there, follow @themanregistry as well.

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