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Vintage Cars and Lessons in Compromise

Here’s the situation: your wedding day is coming up quickly and it’s up to you to figure out how you are going to leave your old world (late nights with the guys & waking up checking your outgoing texts) and enter your new one (when watching The Tonight Show is a real late night treat).  This may sound a little strong, but give it a year and you’ll see.  The good news is that you get the responsibility of figuring out how to make a memorable and stylish leap into marriage.  That’s right – we’re talking about wedding day transportation.  We’ve got the usual “how-to” article on TMR regarding limo and car rental, but I wanted to share my personal story..

I knew this was my one opportunity to put a spin on the day, and I wanted to make it fun while keeping it classy.  The Budweiser Clydesdales weren’t available, so I picked the next best thing – a vintage 1973 Corvette.  This car has been in my family for over 30 years and is in perfect condition.  In addition to that, it’s a great pearl orange, a rare color for today’s cars. This baby definitely makes a statement.

I had it all planned out… after we walked out of the church, everyone would gather in front (we got lucky that our church happened to sit on a major street).  We quickly went around the corner where our chariot was waiting.  The trickiest part of this was getting my bride’s dress in the car… once that catastrophe was diverted, it was time for my favorite part.  I hopped in, turned the key and the beast came to life (this car has some aftermarket exhaust that sounds like a million bucks).

The Beast

The Beast

And away we go...

And away we go…

We started to pull out onto the street and I felt like this marriage thing wasn’t going to be so bad.  I may actually get my way from time to time.  The big question was, “Am I going to do a nice little burnout that this car is begging me for?”  As we approached the crowd of people and everyone started clapping, I felt the adrenaline really start to rush. Hundreds of horsepower were at my beck and call.  I looked at my new bride with speed in my eyes, as she looked back I slowly pulled my foot away from the gas pedal and we slowly drove on.  I had just realized my first lesson in marriage: it’s not just about you anymore, but compromise isn’t always a bad thing.


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