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Gear up for the Honey-Do List with a Home Improvement Shower

In the wise words of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, there’s nothing wrong with a little “more power” or with doing things “the man way.”

AAAAOOOGGGHHH (or whatever that sound he always made was)

AAAAOOOGGGHHH (or whatever that sound he always made was)

But, does doing things the “man way” end on the wedding day? Many grooms say that their #1 fear associated with marriage is that they’re going to become “domesticated sissies” (their words, not ours). Is this a legit fear? Will grooms be forced to put their buffers, sanders, and grinders into storage and learn how to knit? For you future grooms reading this – rest assured. Your manly days are not over. We’ve got one very important phrase for you to get used to: Honey-Do List.

Not familiar with the honey-do list? Here’s a sample:

  • - Clean the gutters
  • - Stain the new bookshelf
  • - Install the new ceiling fan in the spare bedroom
  • - Clean up the empty beer cans scattered throughout the backyard (from when you last mowed the lawn)

As you can imagine, this list never stops growing. We recommend getting prepared for these duties by planning a home improvement wedding shower so you won’t be attacking this honey-do list empty handed. You can even create a guy-friendly wedding registry to fill in the gaps in your tool collection. Some popular gifts at home improvement showers are drills, saws, wet dry vacs, and power paint equipment. Oftentimes, groups of friends or family will go in together on tool sets and tool storage chests.

Any great home improvement shower stories or suggestions out there? Let’s hear ‘em! Leave a comment below.

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