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Rewind 5 months ago to the day you were watching the season finale of 24, and the fiancee tells you that she’s decided electric pink would be your wedding color.  On auto-reply mode (which is typical engaged guy mode), you reply with, “Sure, honey, whatever your heart desires.”

Now, here you are, looking at pink bow-ties and cummerbunds.  Grooms, don’t get me wrong…if you’re all over the pink theme – MORE POWER TO YOU!  But, if you’re not partial to the pink at all…it may not be too late to change your girls mind, or if anything…throw in another color, like navy blue for a nice feminine and masculine balance.

Here are 9 color trends for Weddings 2009

Shades of Brown
– This one has been on the trend list for a couple of years.  Pair it up with colors like: pink, green, blue, or lavender. This bride and groom friendly color will bring a richness that will remind your guests of chocolate.  You can’t go wrong with this one.

Black & White
– This classic duo made it’s grand comeback last year in the very popular damask pattern.  For a fun and classy look – add in a bright, bold shade of green, pink or yellow.

Monochromatic Colors
– A single color in different shades is a big trend for 2009.  Think yellows in butter and in sunshine, or purples in royal and in lavender.

Fiesta Inspired Hues – Colors like fuchsia, orange, bright yellow and of course red are the perfect mix for a funky wedding day!  This color trend works beautiful in dresses and decor.

Soft Grey and White
– Sound dull?  No way!  Add in some sparkle with silver or copper.  This combination exudes romance and high-end.

Tropical Shades
– Since sea and sand elements lead this always popular trend, add in splashes of yellow and turquoise in favor boxes, or ribbons.  This is a sure way to modernize the island style theme in 2009.

Pinks Galore
- That’s right…it’s back – bigger and badder than ever!  Though it used to be a more popular accent color, 2009 brings pink to the center stage.  Use different shades of pink for the bridesmaids dresses, pink ties and fun pink socks for the groomsmen, splashes of pink in the decor and favors!  Can you imagine how gorgeous the pictures would turn out?

Oranges and Peaches
– The color orange is a making a big return this year in wedding themes.  Throw in a lumionous cream color for that extra special touch.  Photography of orange and peach themed decor and florals come out stunning against green..say..grass for your backyard nuptials; or blue for that ocean front “I do.”

Punch O’ Purple
- Certain purple shades matched up with brown tones, or with black and white or with golds and silvers, will introduce you to a whole new set of combinations!  It’s such a versatile color that it’s perfect for day or evening weddings and for all the seasons.

Lastly, let me share this wedding color scheme designer tool with you.  It will definitely impress the Bride-to-be. Good luck!

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  1. BrideTide Says:

    The pic of the guy in the pink suit is too awesome! Is that you?

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    haha, i can only wish i looked that awesome.


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  4. Adam Says:

    Hey, I have a pink suit as well, and I would love to have a hat with it! Where did you get that hat? Please let me know!

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    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the read

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