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When it Comes to Wedding Talk, Bite Your Tongue

My girlfriend, who just got married, said that the only times she and her fiance would get into a ‘disagreement’ was when he hadn’t had anything to eat.  Sometimes he’d not want to talk about the situation but would rather huff and puff about it, for no apparent reason.  But then an hour or so later, he would come back around, apologize, and blame it on his hunger.


I have to admit, I’ve noticed my hubby in that same boat!  He gets all irritated and annoyed when I’m trying to talk to him about something he’d (normally on a full stomach) find interesting. So, does this prove that old saying correct?  “The way to a man’s heart IS through his stomach?” From what I gather, yes!

Grooms,  keep in mind that bride to be’s are super excited to share with you her wedding findings that day.  But, please do both of you a favor and let her know right away if you’re not ready to have a conversation about flowers, venue, or just anything wedding.  She’ll bite her tongue until you’ve had a bite to eat. It’ll save both of you time and grief!

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