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The Man Registry’s Super Bowl XLIII Pick

The Arizona Cardinals were 40-1 odds to win the Super Bowl before the season began. In week 16, they went to New England and were trounced by the Patriots 47-7. Only in the NFL could this team now be playing for a shot at being world champions. Parity has made predicting what’s going to happen during the season and playoffs downright impossible – but we’re going to take our best shot.

Arizona Cardinals 23 Pittsburgh Steelers 20

Hey, who are we to bet against an underdog?  We think Kurt Warner has just a little more magic left and he’ll call it a career after his Cardinals take down the Steelers. He tends to play close games in Super Bowls, and we think this one will be no different.  Arizona is just flat-out a fun team to watch. The Steelers are solid, but by no means unbeatable….and their injury questions do raise some concern.

Also, we’ve gotta mention Larry Fitzgerald. Here is his stat line for the three playoff games that the Cardinals have played so far:

23 catches. 419 yards. 5 touchdowns = RIDICULOUS!

A scene we should see often on Sunday

A scene we should see often on Sunday

If you’re entertaining on Super Sunday, we recommend checking out our app day blog from a few week’s back. It’s got some great ideas for an appetizer-only party.


What’s your Super Bowl XLIII pick? Post your final score guess in the comment section below.

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