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A Groom’s Crash Course Guide to Wedding Invitations

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Your wedding invitations make a big first impression to your guests about the theme of your wedding.  You want to make sure that it properly represents the both of you, right?  So, let me go over some wedding invitation “need-to-knows” and 2009 wedding invitation trends.  Here’s hoping you can impress your honey with some invitation knowledge and help her pick out a design too!

Traditional formal invitations are typically made on a heavy white cardstock with engraved black ink.  All other invitation styles that don’t fall under the formal category….are well..not formal.  Honestly though, just consider the kind of wedding you’re having…black-tie/formal, semi-formal, casual?

Your budget and venue should greatly influence your decision here.

There are printing methods that can also contribute to the style of your invitation.  Go with the one that fits your wedding formality, and of course, your budget. Engraved, embossed or calligraphy lean more towards the high-end prices.

- Engraving: Engraving your invitations is the most traditional and formal printing option you can have. It is the oldest printing style, as well as the most expensive. Engraved invitations have a raised print appearance. It is pressed through the paper so that it can be felt on the back of the paper.

- Thermography: Thermographed wedding invitations are similar to engraved invitations. They both have raised lettering. They differ in that thermographed invitations have a shinier, glossy finish and the print does not press through the back of the paper. Thermography is also a less expensive printing option than engraving.

- Lithography: Lithography, also known as flat print or offset, is the most widely used printing style for wedding invitations. The process involves printing lettering with ink but does not result in a raised or pressed-through appearance. Thus, it is less expensive than both engraving and thermography.

- Laser: Laser printing is the least expensive form of printing. The appearance is similar to that of lithography. This is a cost-effective option for couples who wish to print their own invitations at home using a laser printer. There are many “do it yourself” invitation kits you can buy, allowing you customize and print your own wedding invitations. Laser printing is also provided at professional print shops.

- Handwritten: Although not many couples choose to handwrite their wedding invitations, it is a great option for couples who are having a very small wedding. It is also a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your event. For formal weddings, you may want to consider employing the service of a professional calligrapher.

There are so many guidelines to follow if you want to be more than proper with your wedding invitation wording.  Find a style that works for you.  Again the kind of wedding you are having should define your wording choice too.  Invitation Consultants is a great resource for wording etiquette.

Suggest accents and embellishment details that will show her your genuine interest in making the invitations super personal!  Well, because you are, right? [wink]
•    Customized Postage Stamps
•    Customized Wax Seals
•    Personalized Ribbon
•    Personalized Stickers

Mailing The Invitations
Before placing stamps on them, remember to take one to the post office to get it weighed for the proper amount of postage.  Not having enough postage can slow down the delivery of your invitation.  And that would be horrible!

Next, address the invitations together and offer to bring them over to the post office to mail off.

You are almost done buddy!

Receiving the RSVP
You guys probably already have some sort of guest list system for your big day.  So, as the RSVP’s come in, designate a special area or a decorative box for them to be put in or filed so you can stay organized and no one’s RSVP is overlooked.

Tada!  Invitations, done!

Next….seating chart…[ahhhhhh!]


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