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6 Tips on Dealing with Bridezilla

Is that blissful stage of your engagement diminishing by the second and the reality of planning a wedding finally kicking in? The beautiful angelic glow your bride-to-be possessed early on, has transformed to the glisten of sweat and tear?

So, how can you help lower the anxiety level for your bride? The most important thing to do is to continuously let your lady know that she is not alone! Emphasize that you are in this wedding together and that she need not carry the “burden” of planning all by herself. On that note, here are some suggestions to help ease the planning pains for your bride-to-be!

Shut up and listen guys!

Shut up and listen guys!

Listen, Just Listen – Your sweetie will want to vent about her troubles. Just straight up, zip it and don’t say a word unless you’re asked a question. This may be a difficult task, especially if you want to give her advice…but, really, just listen! Your time to share words of wisdom can come later.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered - Go out and buy your honey a thank-you card! Thank her for all the hard work and late nights she’s putting into planning your wedding. It’s simple but so expressive, and you know us girls like that! All you have to do is sign it, seal it and deliver it! When she gets it in the mail, your babe will have a big smile on her face, and for at least a moment, she’ll be relieved of wedding planning stress.

Swedish or Thai – Massages are a favorite stress level reducer for just about anyone. But go one step further and make the appointment for her. Whether it’s a foot, hand, back or full body, this special treat will rejuvenate her senses and her spirit!

Plan a movie night to get her mind off of wedding planning

Plan a movie night to get her mind off of wedding planning

Time away - Dedicate one day a week to “NO WEDDING PLANNING!” Do something completely non-wedding related on the chosen night! Emphasize that taking a step back is quite healthy and can actually help her focus better!

She Needs her Girls – Make reservations at her favorite spot for her and her bestest girlfriends! She’ll LOVE you for recognizing that thought you’re getting married, she’ll always need her girlfriends!

Be THE MAN power - So, this one is the most obvious of all tips. Offer help as much as possible. Take on the task of creating and maintaining your wedding website. Offer to pick things up for her. Assemble invitations, party favors, gift bags, or any other DIY project your fiancee is taking on.

There may be times when she’ll want to bite your head off for trying so hard to be there for her. But, when all is said and done…and you’re talking about the wedding and the planning and the hardships…you’ll be at the top of her rewards list!

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