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5 Keys to the Groom’s Wedding Day Look

April 9th, 2014


Contrary to popular belief, the bride isn’t the only one who has big decisions to make about her wedding day attire. Today’s grooms are also finding unique and creative ways to showcase their personal style for the big day. Whether it means incorporating superhero socks or putting your groomsmen in bowties while you rock a skinny tie, the options for creating your personal style are limitless and deserve some serious attention. Here’s a simple, five-step guide to putting your look together.

To tux or not to tux. That’s right, fellas. Being a groom doesn’t mean you have to don a tux or even a suit anymore. The key is to follow the overall style and theme of your wedding. Having a rustic, outdoor barn wedding? Consider wearing suit pants with suspenders and a tie or bowtie, but ditch the jacket. If you and your bride are planning a formal church wedding, a tux or nice suit may be the most appropriate choice. Discuss the overall essence of the wedding with your bride and come to a decision together.

Determine the color scheme. By now you and your bride have probably chosen the main colors for your wedding. Use those color choices as a jumping off point to determine the colors of your own attire. Are the bridesmaids wearing green? If so, consider finding a matching green accessory such as a tie, bowtie or pocket square. Your bride may already have a strong opinion on what colors you wear, so plan to make this decision together. Is your bride wearing a white gown or a different color?. The key is to make sure that the colors in your attire nicely complement the bride’s and bridesmaids’ attire.

Find a key accessory. Once you’ve determined the major part of your wedding day look, it’s time to have some fun making it your own. Find a signature accessory that’s specific to you and your personal style. Your wedding day is the perfect time to showcase a bit of your personality and style, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some grooms choose to wear brand new, trendy sneakers with their suit, while others wear their favorite bowtie. We’ve seen comic-fanatic grooms wear superhero socks and hipster grooms wear vintage-inspired, floral skinny ties. Are you a “Mad Men” fan? Add a pocket square to your suit jacket. The options are limitless and range from black suspenders with silver studs for the rock ‘n roll groom to suspenders and a cowboy hat for the country groom. The key is to get creative and enjoy expressing your style. And as always, discuss your ideas with your bride.

Think outside the boutonniere. We love boutonnieres, but they can be tricky. Traditionally, boutonnieres are included as part of the floral arrangements for the wedding. If your bride has her heart set on a traditional floral boutonniere, this may not be the place for you to get creative. But if your bride is open to less traditional boutonnieres, this is a unique and fun way to express your style as a couple. Think of a hobby you and your bride enjoy doing together or something you’re passionate about and try to integrate that into your boutonniere. Do you play golf together on the weekends? Why not incorporate a golf tee into your boutonniere? Are you a musician? There are actually many awesome, yet classy guitar pick boutonnieres. Etsy and Pinterest have a lot of unique boutonniere ideas and are great sources of inspiration. The key is embrace thinking outside the traditional boutonniere concept.

Differentiate yourself from your groomsmen. Let’s be honest, you and your bride should be the cream of the crop on your wedding day. Just as the bridesmaids typically wear a different ensemble from the bride, the looks your groomsmen wear should differ from yours as well. The key is to find one specific element that helps differentiate you from your groomsmen. Perhaps you wear a tie with your suit and your groomsmen don’t. Love vintage? Why not wear old fashioned black and white Oxfords, while your groomsmen sport standard black dress shoes. Some grooms wear a vest and jacket, while their groomsmen simply don a vest. The choice is yours and there’s no right or wrong decision. Check out Pinterest to get some ideas of what your choices might look like together. And as always, discuss your ideas with your bride as well.

What will be unique about your wedding day look?

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[Giveaway] Pop the Question with an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring

April 1st, 2014


Want to propose with a gorgeous, yet eco-conscious engagement ring? We recently discovered Ecoura’s engagement ring collection available at REEDS Jewelers, which offers not only eco-friendly, but beautifully designed rings created with renewed gold. These stunning rings have the identical look and feel of newly mined gold without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship, so you can feel good about your purchase.


While most gold comes from earth-destructive mining processes, renewed gold already exists in the world and is collected, melted, refined and churned into fresh bars of gold. A single gold ring produced this way helps save between five and 20 tons of environmental waste. Ecoura’s engagement ring collection also meets Renewed Gold Pact requirements. Additionally, the eco-friendly bridal ring line contributes to reforestation by planting a tree to celebrate each engagement ring sold.

Right now, GroomsAdvice readers can enter below to win a $50 REEDS gift card toward the purchase of an Ecoura ring of their choice. To enter, perform the social media actions listed below. Each action results in an entry (up to six). On Thursday April 10th, we’ll randomly select a winner and notify them via email or Facebook. Good luck!

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6 Creative Ways to Ask Your Main Men to Be Your Groomsmen

April 1st, 2014

You popped the question and she said yes. The two of you take a big breath together, and the planning begins.

Next up: Popping the groomsman question to your chosen friends and/or family. Sure, it’s not quite as earth-shattering as the question to your future bride, but it’s still one worth serious consideration and perhaps even some creativity. Here are six unique ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

“Will You Be My Groomsman?” Whiskey Label
If you and your future groomsmen are whiskey-loving men, this is both appropriate and fun. The personalized labels, which sport  a “Will you be my groomsman?” message, fit onto bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. It’s tough to imagine a better way to celebrate than with a toast and a good ole fashioned shot. To top it off, continue the whiskey theme on the big day by gifting your groomsmen mini whiskey barrels, so they can create their own custom whiskey blends using Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or their poison of choice.

Cuff Links
Although gifting at this stage of the game is not a necessity, it can be a nice gesture to help show your appreciation. Popping the question with Best Man, Groomsman and Usher cuff links helps seal the deal in a classy and thoughtful way. Your pals can then wear their designated cuff links on the big day, looking sharp and uniform.

“Will You Be My Groomsman?” Card
If you’re a man of few words, this mini card (or one like it) is a thoughtful and personal, yet still wonderfully simple way of popping the groomsman question. Giving a card makes the statement that having your buddy stand by your side means the world to you, while also keeping it casual and comfortable.

A Professional Shave
An afternoon of pampering isn’t just for the ladies. Taking your future groomsmen out for a professional shave makes for a relaxing day for your soon to be “well-groomed” groomsmen. Your buddies will appreciate the gesture, and it will help get the wedding planning off to a refreshing start.

A Good Old Fashioned Beer
Let’s be honest, you just can’t go wrong with taking your future groomsman out for a drink at your favorite watering hole. If you and your buddy spend a good amount of time together hanging at a bar, it makes perfect sense to pop the question at a place that has sentimental value to your relationship.

Hobby It Up
Do you and your future groomsman have a shared hobby such as golfing, fishing or video gaming? Keeping it simple and asking your pal to be your groomsman while the two of you are on the golf course or at a baseball game is a great approach. Consider buying him a Dodger dog and a beer, and then pop the question upon delivery. Or perhaps ask him to be your groomsman after a day of ultimate Frisbee. Most importantly, pick an activity that represents a solid aspect of your relationship to show your future groomsman you value his friendship.

There are ultimately many, many ways to ask your main men to become your groomsmen. Getting creative should be fun and personal. Make sure to give the idea some serious thought beforehand, so your future groomsmen know you truly appreciate their support. After all, the wedding day is also a time to celebrate the closest friendships in your life.

How will you be asking your best man, groomsmen and ushers to join the wedding party? Chime in with a comment below.

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Subscribe Your Groomsmen to Monthly Boxes of Awesome

March 25th, 2014


Want to give your groomsmen a truly unique gift that keeps on giving after the wedding day? We recently discovered a manly service that does just that. Bespoke Post, a subscription box club for men, will deliver a new Box of Awesome to your groomsmen each month. Each of the service’s boxes includes a selection of theme-driven products focused on food, drink, fashion, grooming and more, to fit a range of personalities and interests. For example, the Sweat box (pictured below), which features a stylish, custom-made gym bag and a supplement starter kit, is perfect for gym rats, while the Aged box includes creatively designed tumblers and an aging kit to let liquor connoisseurs age their own blends at home.


Bespoke Post offers grooms the option of gifting either a digital or physical gift card (for a subscription of one, two, three, four, five, six or 12 months of service), or one gift box paired with a physical gift card (for a subscription of two, three, four, five, six or 12 months of service). Once a recipient redeems a subscription, they’ll receive an email on the first of each month detailing the contents of that month’s box and can choose to ship the featured selection or skip it at no charge and wait for the next box (with the option to skip as many boxes as they’d like).

A one-month Bespoke Post gift card is $55, but if you choose a time period greater than one month, the monthly cost is $45. Best of all: Right now, GroomsAdvice readers can enter code “GROOMSADVICE” at checkout to receive 10% off their total orders. For more information, visit Bespoke Post, or if you’re interested in purchasing gifts for five or more recipients, email Bespoke Post at to connect with a gift concierge.

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9 Smart Ways to Save on Your Wedding

March 18th, 2014


Starting to feel the budget blues? As you’ve no doubt quickly learned, weddings can be very expensive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save money on your big day. Here are nine money-saving tips to plan an amazing wedding without blowing your budget.

1. Rank your top three. Sit down with your fiancée and determine the top three or four areas where you want to allocate the majority of your wedding budget, such as food, photography and entertainment, for example, and then stick to them. This will help you cut back and save on other areas of the wedding that aren’t as important to you or that you may not really need, perhaps such as flowers or favors.

2. Set your guest list. If you set your wedding budget before finishing your guest list, you can determine where cuts may need to be made to keep things on track. Providing food and drinks for a large guest list can quickly become expensive. While reducing your headcount may not be the easiest task, it can often have the greatest impact on your budget. (Sorry, former co-workers from three jobs ago.)

3. Consider a wedding planner. While hiring a wedding planner may seem like an unnecessary luxury, it may actually be a money saver in some cases. Planners often have many tried and true connections in your area and know about off-the-beaten-path venues or up-and-coming vendors you’ve never heard of that can be less expensive than some of the usual suspects.

4. Choose the right venue. A more expensive wedding venue that already closely resembles your dream vision will often cost less than selecting a less pricey venue that looks nothing like you had in mind. If you have to bring in chairs, linens, silverware, glassware and décor, those additional costs can quickly add up. Oftentimes, an all-in-one ceremony and reception venue can also be less expensive than booking two separate locations.

5. Trim the bar. While your guests will love it, an open bar is often the most expensive way to go. Cut costs by serving just one or two types of beer and wine or a signature cocktail. Having just a few kinds of liquor on hand will go a long way toward saving overall costs. And as long as guests can imbibe, they won’t mind the scaled down options.

6. Pick seasonal flowers or go faux. To save money on flowers, select blooms that are in season, as opposed to ones that have to be grown in a greenhouse or flown in from another part of the world. Another option is to mix in beautiful silk florals along with live ones to cut overall costs, or even forgo flowers altogether.

7. Skip the giant wedding cake. Instead of spending a fortune on a large, multi-tiered wedding cake, get more mileage out of a smaller one- or two-tier decorated cake by supplementing it with a large sheet cake to add more pieces for guests to enjoy. Sick of cake anyway? Consider alternative options such as serving pie or setting up a yogurt bar instead. Another fun and affordable option is to create a dessert table with an array of homemade desserts baked by family and friends.

8. Consider alternative entertainment. If lively music isn’t one of your must-haves, forget the large band or DJ and save money by hiring a guitarist friend to play during dinner or your first dance. Another option is to create an iTunes playlist ahead of time and enlist a wedding party member to keep things moving when necessary.

9. Pass on favors. Are favors a lovely gesture if you can afford them? Yes. Will anyone really miss them if you don’t? Doubtful. Forgoing favors is an easy way to save money without sacrificing any wedding details your guests will actually notice.

Which of these tips will keep your wedding budget on track? Let us know below. 

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